Films and listenings

"Smurfs, the lost village."

"Tad, the lost explorer."

"Problem child 2". I just love this movie...



"Baby's day out"

"Dennis the menace"

"The lion king"

"How to train your dragon"

"Jumanji". Watch the first movie of Jumanji here.

"The Croods". Watch it with subtitles in English.

Christmas is coming...

I leave here one link of one of my favourite movies ever!

You can watch this film with English subtitles. :)

Resultado de imagen de niño miedo"The spooky class"
"The creepy class"

They will be in your WORST NIGHTMARES...

Here, you can continue practising listenings!
Click on A1 or A2 and do the multiple choice activities.
A2 are a bit more difficult than A1, but you can do it!

This is another link where you can practice listening activities!

Here you have a link to watch another film in English with subtitles.
Remember that this is a good way to improve our English!

As you know, I good way to practice listening is watching movies!
You can watch several episodes of this TV series "Simsala Grimm"!
You already know the stories...
I think we watched "Hansel and Gretel" in class. Enjoy :)

Hi everyone! Christmas is coming!
Enjoy your time! Don't forget to write on your Christmas diaries, study the verbs and read!
We watched some parts of this movie in class.
Just in case you want to watch it again... It has also subtitles in English!


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